Blancrux Cognac



We provide an excellent Cognac that can be savoured either neat or mixed in a cocktail. Celebrate the day at your favorite trendy bar or restaurant.

Blancrux, a golden cognac made of 100% Ugni Blanc grapes, has a unique profile of flavour, aroma and bouquet. Our Cellar Master made it his mission to reveal the best pure expression of Age du Fruit Cognac, while avoiding the traditional “dusty” character of the old style. This makes Blancrux a true, well balanced, modern Cognac that is best enjoyed neat (at 21℃ / 70℉) or over ice.

Club de Gezelligheid


Our story goes back to the 1950’s, to a self-established businessman named Gilles Blanc. Blanc was a member of ‘Club de Gezelligheid’, Curacao’s exclusive businessmen’s club in the iconic Penha Building. He longed to savour his favorite du cru (home grown) spirit from France, a craving that started a long voyage.

Our golden spirit started its journey from a century old family vineyard in the Cognac region of France, crossing the sea and finally reaching the shores of Curacao. Captivated by its refined taste, these magical notes filled the glasses of countless ladies and powerful businessmen who would celebrate their success and fortune.

It was given the name “Blancrux” in honor of Mr. Blanc and his dream of making this happen.

Make your own success


I decide which goals I’d like to achieve and which direction to take. I accomplish the things that I have set my mind to. Although I may not always be in control of what happens in life, I am accountable for my choices and how I choose to respond.

Achievements are celebrated and failures are acknowledged. I make my own success, for I am the captain of my own ship.

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